James R. Rowings

Hendricks County
Commissioner Dist. I

Giving you a choice November 6, 2018


Why am I running?


To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, "Twelve Score and 2 years ago our forefathers brought forth on this continent a new nation....." A nation that was to allow the citizens to select their leaders. We are a Republic, where we are represented by others.  But we are also a Democracy, in that we get to CHOOSE our leaders. 

I've lived in 5 Indiana counties, and I've been in Hendricks the second longest for a total of 19 years.  I've voted in every election, and have been dismayed, concerned, and disappointed that so many candidates run unopposed.  And of the 5 counties, none have had the unopposed problem as bad as Hendricks.


I say if you only have one candidate per office, YOUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT.  As long as that candidate votes for himself/herself, THEY WIN.  It is a foregone conclusion.  It doesn't matter if you vote for them or not.  It doesn't matter if 10 people vote for them or not.  Or 100.  Or 1,000.  If they vote for themselves, THEY WIN.  So it's like your vote not counting at all. 

Imagine going to a restaurant where you can order anything you want off of the menu, but there is only one thing on the menu.  How long would you go there?  So why should you put up with that at the ballot box?

I'm tired of not having a choice, so I want to do my patriotic duty and give the citizens of Hendricks a choice on election day, SO THEIR VOTE WILL COUNT for County Commissioner.

The response has been wonderful by people that I've put my name on the ballot.


There used to be TV and radio commercials that said, "There's more than corn in Indiana."  Well, "There's more than Republicans in Hendricks County...."  

I'm not trying to make this solely about party, as I want to represent all Hendricks County citizens.  But Indiana has a long track record of one party rule, and that's the same for the county.  

There are many Democrats in Hendricks County.  There are also Libertarians.   And Independents.   And members of the Green Party, and I'm sure many other parties as well.  So why should only Republicans hold office?

Hendricks County has three county commissioners, ALL of which are currently Republicans.  If only Republicans serve as commissioners, which of them are going to represent the rest of us?  How are different ideas or different viewpoints going to be brought to the table?  How many  different viewpoints?  Who is going to question what the commissioners want to do?

That's another reason I'm running:  To represent EVERYONE and put an end to only one party rule.


If you look at my background, I have a variety of experience.  Computer programmer, systems engineer, instructor, attorney, registered mediator, board experience.   I've had to deal with people from the lowest level employee to the top officer at big corporations.  I've represented people from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life in court, and not always under the best of circumstances.  As a mediator, you need to work toward consensus.  As an instructor, I've taught those who already understand and don't need to be taught in the same class with someone who has no clue as the have never seen the topic before.  

In order to be successful in all these areas is the ability to relate to people and communicate with them.  That would be what I would be bring to this position with an understanding of government from my legal background.